Would you like to make a living from your art?

Hello, I’m Caroline. I am determined to help puppeteers from all over the world to promote their art online.

Are you ready?

What is the Puppet Podcast?

Follow us while we discover the people behind the puppets and how they got their crush for the art of puppetry.
How do these professionals define this art?

What are their dreams as puppeteers ?
How is creating and manipulating these puppets helping them move towards their goals?

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Workshops EVERY month with a successful or veteran puppeteer in a particular field (online shows, puppet maker, youtube shows, paper theater, birthday greetings, etc).

Weekly tip with Caroline who learned from the Marketing Genius behind the Puppet Podcast, Elie Castonguay, and who is now explaining the tools into the artist words to help puppeteers and artists grow their audience online and communicate with passion towards different online platforms.


Welcome fellow puppeteer.

I am Caroline Bernier-Dionne, a multi-disciplinary artist, comedian, puppeteer, clown and I want to help you grow online as a puppeteer. This is why we wrote a brand-new book called “Living from Your Art” that will help you gain more self-confidence and more certainty about your ability to market and sell your art.

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