As entrepreneurs and artists ourselves, we went through some barriers to get where we are now.

We want to give you some FREE tips that you can implement right now into your day to day operations as a puppeteer/entrepreneur.

Promotion DOES NOT HAVE to be complicated.

It is actually really fun if done the right way.

It’s all about communication and getting in front of the right people and using the right communications channels online.

Our tips on how to promote yourself are straight to the point, honest and are a good start to expand your business online!

No trickery, only tips to help you as a puppeteer. Learn how to be able to push and how we started the Puppet Podcast with free resources. We are here to help the community get out of obscurity and to show the world how the art of puppetry will always be exist and adapt!

Curious? You have nothing to lose! It’s free! 🙂