🎙27-Hoag Kepner

Hoag Kepner is a musician, video editor and a puppeteer from Austin Texas. He is specialized in personnalized puppet greetings.

Hey there, my name’s Hoag, and here’s my story. I am a professional musician, recording engineer, and videographer from Austin, TX. After graduating from Yale University in 2003, I moved to Austin with my brother Tim to start a band. Full Service toured nationally for 14 years, and now our new band Two Player is just getting started. Along the way we built a studio, which now serves as the home for all of our creative endeavors. How did I find my start in puppeteering? It all started with Full Service. Not many bands have a puppet as a mascot (or even have a mascot at all), but we did, and it was that little blue monster up there,”Vitali”. He was a big hit with our fans, and we loved making puppet skits to promote our shows and our annual festival, “The Full Service Circus”. The children of our fans and friends absolutely loved Vitali, so I acquired some more puppets over the years and I’ve started this business! I wanted to offer something to children that makes them feel like the puppet interacts with them on a personal level. This is when the magic and wonder really comes alive! However, in every adult there is an inner-child, and this service is by no means limited to kids. Take a look at some of the sample videos and I bet you’ll think of someone in your life whose face you want to put a smile on, puppet style!

✅ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PuppetTelegrams/
✅ WEBSITE: https://www.puppettelegrams.com/
✅ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/puppet_telegrams/
✅ YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXoPwat4PvoVw2_xtDVS3ww


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