🎙78-Phillip Huber

World-renowned marionette artist, he worked in BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, gave life to “China Girl” for Disney’s OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL. From Broadway, regional theatre productions, cruise lines and more, he performed in 14 countries.

Phillip Huber, world-renowned marionette artist, is best known for his work in the 3-time Academy Award nominated film BEING JOHN MALKOVICH and giving life to “China Girl” for Disney’s OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL. Phillip’s career has featured nightclub performances at: THE LIDO, Paris, CASINO DE MONTE CARLO, Monaco, MAGIC CASTLE, Hollywood, HANSA VARIETE THEATER, Hamburg, and GEORGSPALAST VARIETE THEATER, Hannover. His television appearances include: THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno, LE PLUS GRANDE CABARET DU MONDE (France), VARIETÉ (Chile). His puppetry skills have appeared in theatrical shows: BUSKER ALLEY with Tommy Tune, THAT’S CHRISTMAS with Sandy Duncan, CHRISTMAS WITH FRIENDS & NABORS with Jim Nabors, IT’S MAGIC with Harry Anderson, THE ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD directed by Walter Bobby, DON’T TRUST ANYONE OVER THIRTY by Dan Graham. The latest theatrical project will be co-starring in a new musical, DARLING GRENADINE at THE MARRIOTT THEATER, Lincolnshire, IL June 27-Aug 18. His work has enhanced international festivals in Japan, S. Korea, Norway, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and Australia. Phillip’s show SUSPENDED ANIMATION has appeared on more than 50 luxury cruise ships worldwide.

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