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Wendy Passmore is the artistic director for the WP Puppet Theatre based in Calgary, Alberta and she organized an online series of conferences with international guest speakers to talk about existential themes around the puppetry art.

WP Puppet Theatre uses the power of puppetry to impact positive social change. Through our puppetry infused learning opportunities and performances we inspire, challenge, empower, support expression and encourage empathy in our audiences and participants. Based in Calgary, AB, in 1991 as a Not for Profit charity, we tour regionally and internationally, historically reaching over 4000 people annually.

Their story
Once upon a time, two little girls named Wendy and Pam crawled into their attic to create puppets from popsicle sticks and cardboard, making epics with sock puppets. Inspired by these childhood memories, Founding and Artistic Director, Wendy Passmore-Godfrey BFA,  established WP Puppet Theatre Society (WPTS). Since incorporating our impact has been deep and wide. We have inspired a selective mute child to talk, prompted a teacher to say, “I loved the hands-on activity… I can’t wait to teach my students this!” and a reporter to write “Without her the puppets are lifeless rags on an empty stage. In her hands they dance, cry, discover and dream”.

Why Puppets?
Puppets speak an innovative language. They have long been a voice through which creative individuals have challenged authority and delivered powerful social messages. Puppets play a broad role in contemporary society. They provide a creative platform to express controversial and significant social issues and can help modern minds in their quest to find effective and unique ways of generating fresh ideas and working collaboratively. Puppets can be a catalyst for thought-provoking experience and conversations that lead to new ways of perceiving contemporary life and its many social and cultural challenges.

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